Jina's Bench - My Etsy store

Jina's Bench - Jina's Bench is a collection of handcrafted jewelry made by Urbana-Champaign based artists Jina Seo.

I had planed to open an easy store for a long long time. This summer I finally managed to do it. The shop name Jina's Bench represents the jeweler's work bench and strives to create an interesting mixture of both innovative and traditional jewelry. I am posting some photos of earrings, brooches, necklaces and pandects that I made so far. Most of them are made out of sterling silver and wood, and have my visual theme which is organic and bodily. I tried to combine lots of fun and pretty colorful natural stones as well, mostly cabochon cut and set with fine silver basel.  If you are a fashionable enough to look for some unique and fun jewelry, this is the right place to shop at! Enjoy :)

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