Munich Jewellery Week 2017 - Participating shows

Last year, it was my first time visiting Munich Jewellery Week. YES. Amazing, inspiring, unforgettable, and definitely want to go again. 

Sadly, I couldn't make it back to Munich this year. But, some of my work are invited in two shows!! 



Opening Reception: 8 March 2017, 18:00 – 21:00
Adalbertstraße 44
Munich Jewellery Week // SCHMUCK

This exhibition explores the current climate of material usage in contemporary craft world, especially among the artists from the United States. The invited artists use specific material and form to deliver stories about place, histories, and conveyance. Curated by Kerianne Quick and Jess Tolbert. 

Jessica Andersen  I  Lynn Batchelder  I  Thea Clark I Nikki Couppee  I  Motoko Furuhashi  I  Steven Gordon Holman  I  Alexandra Hopp  I   Masumi Kataoka  I   Joshua KoskerI  Tova Lund I  Sharon Massey I  Jayden Moore  I  Wei Lah Poh  I  Kerianne Quick (Curator)  I   Kaiya Rainbolt   I   Yumi Janairo Roth   I  Jina Seo   I Jess Tolbert (Curator)   I  Demi Thomloudis

For more information:

Here are some images of my work in the show and some other artists' work. (Photos from the website)



The Room of Desires 

A joyful interplay of artworks, crafts and design products from Korea and Germany.

Keum Art Projects :
Raumwerk :


March 6 to April 1, 2017
raumwerk – Concept Store & Gallery
Schwanthaler Str. 125 + 142
80339 Munich-Westend

Artist, Designer and Artisan:
Andreas Berlin, Maria Volokhova/Johanna Spath, Helena Parada Kim, KIM Deok Ho, KIM Hye Jeong + Atsunobu KATAGIRI , KIM Hyun Sung, KIM Seo Yoon, KIM Soo Yeon, LEE In Hwa, LEE Jeong Won, PARK Neung Saeng, SEO Jina, Studio Ilio, Studio Yang Seung Bin, Studio Kyss, Kondo Yukako, YOON Duk No